Friday, April 17

Jalepenos and Lemons

The glasses of astral light need a portable power supply. I don't want to mount a big battery to my hat or carry some steam engine in a pack.

I used a copper wire and a regular steel nail in a jalapeno. I got from 0 to about 2 volts. Although it's about half a volt, the current is only about 2 to 4 milliamps.

I need more amps to generate the astral portal in the lenses.

Once again using the same copper and steel as bi-metals, I wired a lemon. Just like the jalapeno I got voltage without bi-metals though they are better for these tests. With this citrus fruit the voltage is better than the current. The acid in lemon juice, vinegar, and jalapenos all make good electrolyte.

Science didn't provide enough amps so I turned to alchemy.

I created an essential oil from a dozen lemons and a dozen jalapenos. I made sure to wear gloves and goggles. I didn't want any of that in my eyes.

Equal parts by weight of concentrated
Oil of Vitrol (sulphuric acid) and saltpeter were placed in a retort. I heated the retort until brownish red fumes appeared. I cooled and condensed the fumes into a brown liquid. This liquid was distilled into a pure fuming Aqua Fortis (nitric acid).

Carefully I mixed it
with the essence of lemon and jalapeno while chanting power words in Latin and envisioning the alchemical symbol of power. I place the copper wire wrapped steel nail into the mixture and it melted the nail and exploded! THAT took forever to clean up.

On the next try, which was hours later, I added the Oil of Vitral only to a new batch of lemon and jalapeno essence. Once again I chanted power words and envisioned the alchemical symbol of power. It worked! I got 9 entire volts!

I quickly capped the flask and packed it in ice. It's almost midnight and all I've eaten today is an apple and some cheese. I'm tired and starved. Damn, Mikaeus will be picking me up in a few hours.


  1. My dear Lady

    I trust all is well, although your lack of postings recently has me somewhat concerned, particularly in the light of events vis-a-vis the attic, and subsequent apparent break-in. I look forward to seeing some evidence of your continued adventures, trusting as I do in your capabilities.


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