Tuesday, April 7

Datamancer Laptop

One of the most interesting places I found is the Prestidigital Datamancery and Paraphrenalic Technofetishism Shoppe. Dr. Richard Nagg is the proprietor and inventor of such wonders as the Datamancer laptop and opti transcripticon. The farm sale didn't leave me rich but I can live comfortably until I start selling potions and other beauty supplies again.

Anyway, this invention uses a series of electric currents and tubes to connect people across the country. You can read their data, listen to talkies, even see moving picture. I hadn't heard about this in Miniwell. I'm so excited and, of course, use it for my journal, with hand written back ups of course.

I'm still learning how to use it. Oh, the possibilities! Could it be used to capture the sounds and lights of the aether?

The opti transcripticon can reproduce images of any book pages or papers you place on the glass. He said it would be easier to preserve my scattered notes. I don't think I trust it. Especially since electricity is still new. It goes out often in my neighborhood. He mentioned something about surges of electricity could blow up the mechanics.

I'm not familiar with such chemistry and tinkering. Give me a mortar and pestle and I can concoct anything.


  1. Who knows the response you shall get. I for myself welcome you to a rather interesting community. Steampunk has always been there from a young age. When I saw its representation a unique emotion stirred within.

    I receive little Steampunk related mail and it was refreshing to have your announcemnt come through.

  2. I just wanted to say great site and thanks for the link to Carpe Arcanum.

  3. Oh I meant to say earlier but forgot that if you wanted there are buttons and Banners on the site for people to use to help promote Carpe Arcanum. They are in the Spread the Word section on the top of the page.


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