Tuesday, April 7

Package from a friend.

A large package arrived today from a friend of mine.

With luck the clippings and seeds I've sent with this letter have reached you in usable condition. I had heard that you had intended to relocate and considering my recent good fortune I feel it best to share my luck with people whom have treated me well in less fortunate times.

Warm Regards,
Kobayashi Saburo

The plants and seeds were fine. I put them in planting pots right away. Honestly, some of them were foreign to me. Maybe Asian. I'll write him to find out how to care for them. Until then it's a mystery.

Yesterday, I went shopping for new flasks for my distillation set. I stepped into the store and suddenly felt dizzy. The shop became extremely bright and seemed to expand. I took a deep breath and steadied myself. After regaining my bearings, I looked around the store.

There was an odd fellow there. I spotted him across the shop inspecting wires. He was about six inches taller then me, making him about six feet tall. He had wild blue hair poking out from a black bowler hat. His hair is what caught my attention but I swore his hat blinked at me. There were two eyes on red stalks that sort of bobbed up and looked at me. But then they were gone.

I didn't want to appear a mad woman so I kept looking at the flasks, trying not to stare. He must have caught me because he pranced across the room. He took his hat off, made a low bow, and introduced himself at Mikaeus. His hat had legs! Six red crab legs uncurled from inside the hat. He held it in his arms like some sort of pet. I asked him what it was and he said there had been some sort of mishap. In fact, he was prone to accidents. Said his hair turned blue when some experiment exploded causing the room in his rental to also turn blue. He gets kicked out of rentals a lot apparently.

He never did explain the creature in his hat ... that's part of his hat rather. He pointed to a small glowing crystal in the brim saying it kept the crab and his hat in phase. Fascinating man. Apparently he is a tinker. His pockets were bulging with tools and he carried a doctor's bag as blue as his hair. I forgot to ask if it was dyed in the accident, too.

I invited him over for supper tonight, which he accepted. It isn't often I meet intellectuals who study the sciences. I don't care if it is improper for a single lady to invite a man over. I'm in my thirties. I don't need a chaperon. I'm quite capable of watching out for myself.

Oh, dear I better get my kitchen set up. This place is a mess. I must put an advertisement in the paper for a maid.

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