Wednesday, April 15

Easter Parade

Easter provided some normalcy in my life. I received a flowery post card from my Aunt Shirley and Uncle Fred in Central Missouri. I bought a new peach dress and white parasol for the Easter Parade. I do enjoy bright colors.

The mailman also brought a letter.

"My dear Miss Boron,

I have sent you a Parcel, one which
should presently arrive at your new
Home, containing two more Books
for your Library.

Once having cut the Ribbons, simply
draw the Brass Rings apart to bisect
the wax Cases.

Your Serv't in Yog Sothoth Neblod Zin,

~ Khem Caigan"

What does "Yog Sothoth Neblod Zin" mean? Either way, I'm excited to receive more books.

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