Tuesday, April 14

Disturbia: 140 Cherish Lane

I was so disturbed about the mechanical child I just had to do something. I took the trolley downtown to the police station. There was a stern faced officer at the front desk. After introducing myself I explained the situation and he raised his brow, surely he thought I was a loony. He asked me "What's your name again?" Ms. Angelica Boron I said slowly offended that he hadn't paid attention the first time. He told me to "stay put" and walked over to another officer. I couldn't hear them but knew they were talking about me because of their glances.

The second man approached me, smiling obligingly, and introduced himself as Officer Charles Sutton. He asked me to tell him again what was going on. As I spoke he took some notes and asked me to please wait and he motioned toward a chair. He left and I paced instead until he returned with another officer. They escorted me to their blue steam auto and took me home.

I lead then to the attic to investigate. By now there was enough light coming in from the front room shining through the hole I'd made to illuminate the lab. Of course they questioned me about the smashed wall before they entered. I didn't want to go in there.

They came back out. "Madam, there is nothing in there."

"What!" I went into the lab and it was totally empty. No creature and no equipment. I pointed out the scratches and heart carving on the wall. They asked me if I'd done that. "No! No!" I yelled.

I insisted we needed to search the house. They tried to calm me down, suggested I see a doctor or get one of those side saddle machines swearing it cured hysteria. Ha! I was furious and declared I wasn't a madwomen. I followed them to the front door and closed the door rather hard because I was trying to keep a civil tongue.

I raced through the house checking the doors and windows. Indeed, the backdoor was unlocked. I KNOW I didn't leave it unlocked. Someone got in and took the mechanism and all the equipment. But why?

I sat in my parlor for a while, glasses off, cloth on my head, listening to music while having chamomile tea and cakes. After my nerves calmed down I went to my lab. Working on my Glasses of Astral Light helped take my mind off matters.

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