Friday, April 10


My advertisement in the newspaper was printed today and will run until I've hired someone. I decided not to lock my kitchen. Having someone cook for me will give me even more time to spend in the lab. Any special components will be kept in the lab. I'll begin interviews but anyone I hire won't start until the lab is secure.

I spoke with a locksmith today and decided on an iron padlock for the lab stairwell door. It will replace the doorknob and continue onto the frame. The part on the frame will be etched with the Egyptian symbol for lock/contained and the Sumerian symbol for protected. I am taking no chances and protecting my lab with iron and magick. It will be locked and protected. The paper mentioned several warehouse robberies that happened at the same time. It must be a gang. I guess that's a problem for cities. Either way, my equipment is expensive and I don't want it stolen or tampered with.

Now to take a sledgehammer to the attic wall and see what that missing space is all about.

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