Thursday, April 9

Magick Pills and Wine

Received an electronic post from Khem Caigan a scholar of the occult arts.

928. The following of the plough
hath been approved for refreshing
the spirits and procuring appetite;
but to do it in the ploughing for
wheat or rye, is not so good;
because the earth hath spent her
sweet breath in vegetables put
forth in summer. It is better
therefore to do it when you sow

But because ploughing is tied to
seasons, it is best to take the air
of the earth new turned up, by
digging with the spade, or standing
by him that diggeth.

Gentlewomen may do themselves
much good by kneeling upon a
cushion and weeding. And these
things you may practise in the best
seasons; which is ever the early
spring, before the earth putteth
forth the vegetables; and in the
sweetest earth you can choose.
It would be done also when the
dew is a little off the ground,
lest the vapour be too moist.

I knew a great man that lived
long, who had a clean clod of earth
brought to him every morning as
he sat in his bed : and he would
hold his head over it a good pretty

I commend also, sometimes, in
digging of new earth, to pour in
some Malmsey or Greek wine;
that the vapour of the earth and
wine together may comfort thea
spirits the more ; provided always
it be not taken for a heathen
sacrifice, or libation to the earth.

~ from The Works of Sir Francis Bacon

Kneeling on a pillow while I garden may be more comfortable then my padded knee guards. Maybe I'll make a nice red one ... or brown, that would be easier to clean. Though I do love to run my hands across red velvet.

I hadn't thought about putting wine into my garden. My mother and I fertilized with composted manure and sometimes bits of fish. It makes sense that plants would flourish after a drink of nitrate rich wine. I shall experiment with this. A bit of wine in one pot of rosemary and none in the other.

I've been known to enjoy a libation or two of blackberry cordial. I do have a sweet tooth and enjoy one too many chocolates and cakes. I don't blame my appetites though for my curves. I blame my mother's side of the family.

That reminds me. I saw such bunk in the newspaper advertisements.

It's a load of hogwash. Generations of alchemical and herbal knowledge were passed down to me from my mother. I've spoken with proprietors of pharmaceuticals and there is no such thing as a magick slimming pill. Oh, that just overheats my flask!

What is this sidesaddle nonsense? I rode horses the reasonable way. Both legs across the horse so I wouldn't fall off. Any lady getting exercise from a sidesaddle mechanical horse is going to have one side of her body stronger then the other! Uneven women walking about the streets. If they're rich it will be the new fashion! Ha!

There's nothing wrong with having a bit of a belly. Mikaeus has a bit of round to him and he looks quite distinguished with his hat and cane. Well, despite the crab legs and blue hair. I can't help chuckling thinking about the way he looks. His eyes are like two dusty sapphires. A deep blue with a shadow that only serious experiences can create.

I'll send him an e-post and let him know I'll attend the fair. Anything to get me out of the house for a bit.

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  1. My dear Angelica,

    Dinner last night was very pleasant, though I do apologize for the behavior of my hat, I fed him before I left but he does enjoy a good roast.

    Again, I must apologize for the lateness of my arrival to your house, I was held up a bit in leaving my apartment. It was dreadfully rude of me.

    As for the World's Faire, A friend of mine has arranged to have an automobile pick me up in the early morning on the Friday prior to the Faire, I shall have him stop at your house at around 10 am to pick you up.

    Best Regards,
    Mikaeus Mathus


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