Wednesday, April 8

What do hats eat?

I've been practicing with the opti transcripticon and scanned some of my pictures. It turned out fairly well. My room is marked with the star.

This is the largest home I've ever lived in. There were so many nooks and crannies. I spent most of yesterday cleaning and preparing for dinner. I've cleaned the parlor, dining room, water closet, and kitchen. The home came with older but well kept furnishings so it isn't empty just not decorated. Certainly the place isn't ready for a grand tour. Really, my guests have no need to visit the library or the upstairs.

The attic space is smaller then it should be. There is a wall covered in ornate leather paneling that runs through the middle. There aren't any windows on the back side of the house up there. The agent speculated that it was just unfinished. It's peculiar to me. Such a fancy wall for a storage room.

Anyway, I wore my only fancy dress. My closet is filled with work clothes. Nothing like the finer ladies of St. Louis. Reds, purples, greens and brown go well with my brown eyes and reddish brown hair. I do love my green dress with the purple waistcoat and bustle. My skin is still a glamorous ivory but I've gotten a bit round. I refuse to wear a corset.

Mikaeus was thirty minutes late for dinner. I thought he wasn't going to show so I was more relieved that he had arrived then perturbed that the roast was getting dry. He looked very tired.I offered to take his hat but he handed me his cane instead. He twirled his hat in his hands as he went on and on about how sorry he was for being late. Those creepy eye stalks bugged out from the bowler and the crab legs, if that's what they are, clacked and waved from out of the hat. The thing pinched him and with a yelp he finally stopped.

That's when I realized I was staring, catching flies with my mouth open. I remembered the cane and put it in the foyer corner. It was black lacquered wood engraved with symbols glowing a soft blue. I recognized some of them as essence, spirit, and magnetism.

Dinner went well. I served roast with potatoes, carrots, and cabbage. I even made apple pie for dessert. His hat crawled around the far end of the dining room table. From the corner of my eye I'd catch it creeping toward the roast. I'd look and it would stop. I didn't say anything because I was curious. I mean really. What do hat's eat?

I tried to approach the subject several times but Mikaeus would steer me in another direction. He has a round about way with everything even inquires and hints about his cane and it's symbols. The evening was pleasant but I don't trust him. Perhaps living in a small town has left me a bit secretive. I learned that alchemists aren't liked much unless we do something useful such as heal a stomach ache or create an aromatic perfume. Your average person gets disturbed at the thought of grand workings toward immortality or symbols and mixtures for communing with the dead. Besides, he thwarted most of my questions and leads.

Indeed, I kept the conversation light talking about steam autos, motorbikes, the aether net. He invited me to the World's Fair. I may go. Who knows, maybe he is a trustworthy gentlemen.

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